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Sandro Proia

Formerly The World's Greatest Gelato Maker

Galateria Della Palma Voted Best of City

Via della Maddalena 20, Rome, Italy 00186

Gelateria Della Palma is a large place near the Pantheon. On the menu, there is a large selection of sandwiches and an array of drinks, including cappuccinos and espressos. The interior decor somewhat mimics a 1950s American Soda Shop, but the Italian flair is still abundant. This café has the largest selection of gelato, with so many flavors you can't begin to try them all!

Della Palma

Near Giolitti is a contender for the crown of "best gelato in Roma". Della Palma doesn't have those ubiquitous sign cards telling you the flavors; they simply put a sample of the flavor item on top of the tin. For example the orange is topped with orange slices, the frutti di bosco with blueberries, wild strawberries and raspberries. Just figuring out what some of the items are is fun.

Via della Maddalena 20


In thirsty summer days in Rome, there is no better place for me to visit than the fabulous gelateria "Della Palma". Just a few steps away from the dome of the sacred Pantheon square, this cosy, traditional place exhibits a dazzling display of dozens and dozens of "gelati" of all kinds and top quality... an astonishing variety of cool tastes, flavours and colours to be found nowhere else! The secret of its unchallenged success lies in the expertise of the house lab, whose master gelataio, Sandro Proia, often enjoys to serve personally old and new clients. My family has been a steady client of "La Palma" for three generations, and for more than one good reason.

Giovanni Scaiola, Rome

Whenever I have a little time off, I make sure to visit "Della Palma", a consolidated tradition in Rome as a meeting point during all seasons. It's by far my favourite establishment in Rome, because it features the absolute greatest choice of top quality gelati in all flavours, sorbetti and mousse creations, all superbly prepared by "chef" Sandro Proia. Every cup or cone I buy is always personalized at least two or three different flavours - the fruit ones, especially, are divine! Plus, I can enjoy my gelato while standing, sitting in or outside the premise, or even continuing my walking in the streets of the Eternal town...

Massimo Gammelli, Rome

When my grandchildren deserve a reward, I like to walk them to "Gelateria Della Palma", just behind the Pantheon Square in the old center of Rome, to treat them to a choice of their favorite gelato. They cherish so much the colorful sight of so many flavors of "gelati", the exquisite pleasure in licking their cone, and also the envy for the large sized ones that I always buy for myself. Not only do I think one can't find a more appealing looking gelato in Rome, but I am positive no one can find a better tasting one - I love that I can taste the fresh fruit or the authentic chocolate in every bite I take. Also, it makes me feel good that my grandchildren are eating natural, healthy ingredients, rather then chemical substitutes or additives.

Sandro Proia is keeping high the flag of tradition!

Adriana Mariani, Rome

I am passionate about gelato artigianale, which luckily I have the opportunity to enjoy almost all year long in Rome, thanks to its mild climate. My absolute favorite gelateria in Rome is "Della Palma", near the Pantheon, located in a wonderful corner of the ancient city. There, I can find countless varietes of gelato, among which, my favorites are the most creative ones, such as sacher torte, millefoglie, amaretto and passion fruit, "kisses" and so on. No other gelateria offers a similar variety of flavors or a quality that comes close to that of "Della Palma". Since I am a regular customer there, I have had the opportunity to meet Mr. Sandro Proia, who has explained to me how he personally creates, every day, such an incredible array of flavors, which, according to me, are the very best in Rome.

Anna Nocera

I am often downtown Rome for business or pleasure and I often times I go out of my way to make a stop at the gelateria "Della Palma", to taste a few of the over one hundred, extraordinary flavors available. I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed by the quality or the variety that I can find only at "Della Palma"! I never fail to recommend it as a must-go place to all my friends, whenever they visit me in Rome.

Alberto Pertosa, Rome

I am a student of Art History and I have been visiting the Della Palma Gelateria for ten years now, a spot where people from all over the world gather for one and one reason only - their gelato; it's the absolute best and this is true art in the kitchen. If people had a chance to express their opinion by casting a vote, not all the numbers in the world would be enough - it is that good!!!!!!!

Proietti Marina

Bisonni Vittorio

I am a patron of the famous gelateria "Della Palma", located in Rome. I can personally guarantee that this gelateria is the very finest in all of Rome, both for the quality of its products and the creativity. They offer more than one hundred flavors. This is not my opinion only but that of many others. I am more familiar with the dietetic gelato because I am an athletic type of person.

Hooray for Della Palma

I am writing to recommend my hands down, absolutely favorite gelato in all of Rome. I grew up in this city and ever since I was a child I have been making regular visits to the famous Della Palma gelateria with my parents. Now that I have a child of my own, I would like to continue the tradition, to let my daughter enjoy the BEST gelato Rome has to offer.

Enrico Senatore, Rome

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